Goals for Your New Year

Hey Manager, you need to focus on these goals this year. Sure, there will be other, more specific plans you need to finalize and goals you need to accomplish, but there will always be these essential goals you need to have on your Definitely Get This Done agenda.

Goals for Your New Year Infographic by Elie Hirschfeld

Be on time. We could say “finish on time” or “start on time” or any other combination of similar terms, but the bottom line here is you need to be on time. Always. Being late, especially chronically late, is not a personality trait. It’s a character flaw. You will always get more done when you are timely, because being on time takes careful planning. It’s not “how” a person “is” that makes them timely. It’s “what” they “do” that gets them there when they should be.

Beat your budget. Whatever you hope to accomplish, going over budget is not an option. Take the time to truly price out what you want to accomplish, and you will be surprised how much you can actually accomplish with how little. Further, you will “discover” you have more working capital than you thought you did.

Finish on time. Time really is money. At least, you should treat it that way. At the risk of being repetitive, understand that knowing how long something should or is taking, is exactly the same as knowing how much it should cost and how much it did cost. Time should be budgeted even more closely than money because it’s the one resource you can’t increase. Mistakes with money can be overcome. Mistakes with time cannot. Do not waste yours.

Focus on service. No matter what else you do each year, take care of your customers better than your competition. You may lose out on price, and that might be outside your control. You may not win on quantity or quality, but you can always be the best at service. That begins with what you, as the manager, expect. Set high expectations, and stick to them.

Take care of your team. More than anything else, your team’s performance determines your success as a leader. Listen to them, maximize their resources and capacity to accomplish the tasks set before them. Keep them focused, motivated, and make sure they know they are valued and appreciated.

Elie Hirschfeld is from New York City, he’s a real estate developer.


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