Brad Pitt being investigated for abuse

Brad Pitt being investigated for abuse

The world of entertainment was shocked when it was announced last week that Brangelina would be no more. Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt due, according to various press reports, to the way he dealt with the children. Not exactly the typical “irreconcilable differences” and that statement had folks asking a lot of questions.

Now, perhaps, these curious folks have an answer … and it may be more damaging to Pitt’s brand than his infamous response to leaving Jennifer Aniston for Jolie in the first place.

The Associated Press is reporting the FBI is “gathering information” about something that happened while the Pitts were aboard a private jet. According to Laura Eimiller with the FBI, the Bureau is still evaluating the evidence and has not decided whether to open an official investigation into allegations Pitt abused one of his children during the flight.

Why is the FBI investigating a child abuse allegation? Good question. Doesn’t matter. Millions of people just read that the FBI IS INVESTIGATING BRAD PITT FOR CHILD ABUSE. Read that headline again. Do you really think people will logically and fairly consider the situation before passing judgment? Right … and it gets worse. At least, the allegations do.

Multiple new reports state the actor is also under investigation by a separate child welfare agency.

At this point, Pitt’s people aren’t talking. Probably wise in the early going, but Jolie is sure doing all she can to drive the narrative. Jolie filed for divorce, and her attorney released a statement arguing she did so “for the health of the family.” Jolie’s divorce petition specifically mentioned the “separation date” as the day after the incident on the plane, and she is confidently seeking sole custody of all six children, both natural and adopted.

Despite Pitt’s silence, there is some evidence supporting his side, whatever that may be. Well, lack of evidence, actually. No law enforcement has been involved. None directly after the event and none since it was reported by the press in mid-September.

It’s a tough beat for Pitt’s reputation. The aging heartthrob has built a strong fan following as both a pretty face and a steady, established leading man in such films as Kalifornia, Fury, and Legends of the Fall. Pitt’s incendiary performance in Fight Club also made him a favorite of a much different demographic.

Until this incident, it was assumed he would transition in his career toward taking character-based roles, handpicked or created for him, further cementing one of the most impressive and long-standing bodies of work in Hollywood. Now there may be an indelible asterisk.

Elie Hirschfeld is a real estate developer in NYC.