Top Issues During the 2016 Election

The 2016 campaign to succeed President Barack Obama seems to be dominated by cult of personality displays, but American voters ultimately elect candidates based on important issues they believe should be handled appropriately.

Since the United States needs to exert a hegemony on the global economic stage, some the foremost issues are related to economy, taxation, science, energy, and foreign policy. Domestic issues were mostly related to crime, immigration, labor, education, gun ownership, and national security. Terrorism is an issue that Americans believe is of a global and national importance.

Here were the top voting issues being considered by American voters in 2016:


Racial profiling is a major concern among Americans. The fatal shootings of unarmed African Americans by police officers have resulted in embarrassing riots and even acts of domestic terrorism. Many Americans are also weary of the protracted War on Drugs and its effectiveness at a time when marijuana is becoming legal in certain jurisdictions.


The benefit of major trade treaties such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership are doubted by the American public. The Cuba embargo is losing support after the opening of diplomatic ties with the Caribbean island nation. The Keystone XL pipeline is also doubtful in a period of falling oil prices. In terms of taxation, Americans are worried about U.S. corporations using foreign tax havens to skirt obligations. The minimum wage debate is bound to continue as most voters support it but many employers find it difficult to deal with.

Security and Foreign Policy

American voters are concerned that U.S. involvement in Syria could instigate terror attacks under the flag of the Islamic State. They are also concerned about an influx of refugees from countries where Islamic radicals are trying to gain powers. Many voters fear that the Iraq War could escalate and domestic terror attacks could increase if the Islamic State wishes to retaliate against U.S. intervention breaking up caliphates in the Middle East. Collaboration with China and Russia are also talking points since ruffling of feathers could result in cyber terrorism attacks.


U.S. voters are deeply divided over this issue, which combines elements of tolerance, nationalism and economic concern. Comprehensive immigration reform is something that the Congress is not ready to approve even though the White House has pushed it aggressively. There is also the vexation over domestic terrorism as three men in Kansas were charged with planning an attack against an apartment complex mostly populated by Somali immigrants.

We will see how my good friend Donald Trump handles these concerns in the coming days.