Will Dell’s new widescreen change the monitor game?

Will Dell’s new widescreen change the monitor game?

Remember when “Dude, you’re getting a Dell!” was a reason to celebrate? While it still is for many, the past few years have not been as kind to the classic “build your own” computer brand. Dell has been overshadowed as the way people compute and go online has changed. From desktops to laptops and now to a more mobile computing culture, the market has shifted drastically, leading Dell to have to do something to stay relevant. The latest attempt to grab consumers’ attention is Dell’s entrance into the curved monitor marketplace. The UltraSharp 34 has all sorts of bells and whistles people who shop for high-end visual tech will expect. From big and wide dimensions to features that allow the techiest users to calibrate the screen in many different ways, this particular Dell is a definite trend setter in the market segment.

Sure, the resolution is par for the course in concave screens, but the response times should impress even the most ambitious users. But the real success here is how Dell managed a slight pivot in its key product line to entice potential customers to pay more attention to a brand that could have been an also-ran in the category. As consumer tastes moved away from desktops to laptops and then to mobile devices, many traditional computer hardware and accessories brands were lost to late pivots and failed attempts at re-invention. Dell teetered on the edge. Would they become a discount computer brand for people who still wanted the traditional tools of the computing trade, or could they find a way to compete in a cutting-edge marketplace?

The key success secret for Dell was not to move too drastically away from where they started and who people knew them as. It’s an easy step to take for the average consumer to see Dell as a strong monitor maker, because they have been making them for so long, and they are known to make quality monitors as part of their desktop line.

Dell is also known in the gaming community for the ability to customize certain aspects of the experience. And this new monitor is aimed right at that demographic. Dell crafted the monitors to offer several features sure to make gamers very happy with the product, and much more likely to buy when matching products up against this new Dell offer. By understanding their market and entering at a place that consumers could easily accept, Dell was able to pivot in a space where many former competitors are now also-rans.

Elie Hirschfeld is a NY real estate developer.