Using Art to Boost the Profit of your Real Estate Listings


One of the most important ways to boost the profit of your real estate listing is to directly appeal to the buyers you want. Using art to add value to your space for sale is an affordable way to attract more potential buyers. There is a number of things you can do to incorporate more (meaningful) art into the space depending on your budget. Try to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and imagine living in the space. 

Consider these questions:

-What type of real estate do I want to sell?
-Who would be willing to pay more for the property?
-How can people use this property?
-Who will benefit from working or living here?
-What are their needs and how can I make the property look comfortable?

How to Use Art to Increase the Value of Your Property

Art is a very versatile concept and broad term that includes use of colors, shapes, contrasts, shades, dimensions, and visual appeal.

Residential Spaces

There are, of course, traditional ways of making a space “look nice and clean”, but consider this: if you are trying to sell a family home to buyers who may have young children, will crisp, white rugs appeal to them? Parents and grandparents will appreciate durable-looking decore and plenty of space.

Consider installing a simple, covered storage unit and decorating the top them with a set of matching plates or a “family” of ethnic dolls if you live in a diverse area (buyers are likely to appreciate the diversity of the area and would appreciate a salute to that).

Baskets are an affordable, artistic, and versatile storage solution for small and larger spaces. Choose colors that compliment your wall paint. Invest in a few decorative, clay pots to arrange around high-traffic areas.

Commercial Spaces

Textured paint is the least expensive way to use art to your commercial real estate listing. Stay away from vibrant colors for entire walls. Instead, use soft colors for walls and vibrant accent colors. Look for a few art paintings that include shades of your wall color.

Installing decorative mirrors makes any space look bigger. Simple designs work better for office spaces. Fixtures including light, tile, and bathroom renovations should be in welcoming colors and soft shapes. Art work should be hung at eye-level and not to high. Display images that tastefully promote your business to show buyer that it can be done.